Hear it from them.

“I am so very grateful for what God did in my life through MC/Launch. God took my broken heart, made it new, and gave me hope for life again. Along with God's graciousness, the leaders in the program were integral in shaping and speaking into my life. Now I am married with three young children and am daily putting the things into practice that I learned in my years there.”

Kayla Van SantenClass of 2008

“During my year God showed me what it meant to live in relationship with Him instead of trying to earn my salvation. He showed His love to me and gave me joy. Relationship with my family was restored and He gave me many more relationships with people that want the best for me and truly care about me.”

Andrew LubbenClass of 2016

“When I came to MC, I was angry, scared, insecure, unsure of my identity, and fearful of authority figures. God began to slowly and gently work those things out in me and guide me through them. I was surrounded by people who loved me, and not not only loved me when I was there but had already been praying for me and loving me before they even knew who I was. I was in their prayer board and in their hearts before I had set foot into the classroom.
My year at MC completely changed my life, I learned about God’s grace and how to access it, what it meant to really serve unselfishly and willingly, and what it meant and looked like to fall in love with the local church. My leaders helped mold me and guide me through some of the biggest decisions of my life, and loved me every step of the way. They were willing to say hard things to me and challenge me in order to help me get where I wanted to go and become who God has made me to be.”

Joelle YorkClass of 2017

“It is so hard to believe that it has been just shy of 7 years since I have graduated MC. I can’t say that life’s journey has been easy since as there has been difficult choices and decisions along the way. However, one thing I know for sure is, the impact that leadership, friendships, and many a life lesson that I experienced throughout my year has greatly shaped the woman I am today. Not only have I vastly grown in my relationship with my heavenly Father but also those I interact with on a daily basis. MC was a great foundation for my daily walk with God, friends/family, and even in the workplace. I am so grateful for those that pray, encourage and believe in the building up of young people to become a generation that serves and love God and others. ”

Janelle RaddatzClass of 2011

““I came into the program broken, guarded, not knowing who I really was a person. I had strived to please people all of the time and when I undoubtedly came up short, I used that disappointment and frustration to further feed my self hatred and the lies I believed about myself. What I gained through my time in the program I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams and am still unraveling to this day. He took my pain, disappointments, and my scarred heart and gave me His joy, His hope, and gave me beauty for ashes. He purposefully made me His unique, beautiful, and worthy daughter.””

Bethany LoewenClass of 2016

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