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About Launch

Is Launch associated with a specific church?

Launch is a ministry of City Life Church in Chilliwack, BC and identifies with it’s statement of faith. For more information, visit

Is Launch an accredited school?

Launch focuses on relationship with God, character development and life training. While spending a year at Launch is greatly educational, it is not an accredited Bible school.

Where is the program located?

Launch is located in Chilliwack BC, Canada.

Was this program previously called the Master’s Commission?

Yes. The discipleship program of City Life Church operated under the name of “The Master’s Commission from 1997 to 2017. The program was renamed “Launch” in June, 2017.

Inside Launch

Where will I live?

Each student attending Launch will be hosted by one of the generous families of City Life Church. While there is no direct fee for for living with one of these families, it will be expected that the student is involved with the family’s cleaning/living routine. 

Is the cost of housing included in tuition?

Housing expenses are covered by families from City Life Church who volunteer to take students in for the duration of the program. Because of this, there are no extra fees for housing. 

How much does it cost to go to Launch?

Tuition for the year is $6000 CAD for Canadian students and $6000 USD for international students.

Do I have to pay the whole tuition up front?

No. The bulk of your tuition must be payed by orientation day, but the remainder is not due until after the winter break. More specific information is available on page 6 of the Student Application.

How will I get to class every day?

The Launch staff organizes carpool to provide students transportation to and from all program related functions. Some students will be requested to drive for carpool. Students required to make monthly carpool payments of approximately $60 a month, depending on gas prices. 

I have my own vehicle. Do I still have to a part of regular carpool?

All students are required to be a part of regular carpool. Canadian students are welcome to volunteer to drive their own vehicle for carpool purposes and may be eligible to receive a reduction to their tuition. For more information, see page 6 of the Student Handbook.

What does a week of Launch typically look like?

A regular week at Launch runs from Tuesday to Saturday, and includes a mixture of teachings, class discussion, local community outreaches and service projects. Students attend City Life Church on Sundays and there are often additional events and services in the evenings. For more information, visit our Student Life page (coming soon). 

I’m not from Canada, but I want to come to Launch. What does the process look like for getting across the border?

Launch is very familiar with the process of accepting international students, and is more than willing to walk you through through that process step by step. Please contact our office for assistance in this area. 

Will I be able to work while in Launch?

Students have Mondays off and are permitted to work on that day. It is asked that students remain available for additional events and services that may occur on evenings throughout the week. 

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