“Our job is to bring in young adults, point them towards Jesus and get out of the way”

– Pastor Keri Harvey, Director

It is estimated that up to 51 percent of Christian college freshmen will renounce their faith before they graduate from college.1 In a study conducted on 18-30 year olds in America, it’s shown that 70% of those young adults that attended a church for at least a year while in high school are today unchurched.2 Launch is a 10 month, full time Christian discipleship program for those aged 18 to roughly 25. Our goal is to help young adults strengthen their relationship with Christ and give them the tools they need to be able effective in their calling. Whether it’s the marketplace, the church, the home, or anywhere else, Launch is a program that will help you live out your God given purpose.
1 Beyond Opinion, Ravi Zacharias
2 Essential Church,  Thom and Sam Rainer

Student Life

Life at Launch involves a fast paced, fun and challenging schedule. You’ll be involved in class discussion, one on one mentorship, class retreats, work projects, community outreach projects, ministry trips and more.

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Launch is a ministry of City Life Church, and we proudly reflect it’s beliefs and values. Our program is based on servanthood, humility and a firm faith in Jesus Christ.


Founded in 1997 under the name The Master’s Commission, Launch has been equipping young adults for over 20 years. With more than 300 graduates, Launch is a program with a reputation you can trust.

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What They’re Saying About Us

“What I gained through my time in the program I could never imagined in my wildest dreams and am still unraveling to this day. [God] took my pain, disappointments, and my scarred heart and gave me His joy, His hope, and gave me beauty for ashes.”

Bethany LoewenClass of 2016

“Along with God's graciousness, the leaders in the program were integral in shaping and speaking into my life. Now I am married with three young children and am daily putting the things into practice that I learned in my years there.”

Kayla Van SantenClass of 2008

“God showed me what it meant to live in relationship with Him instead of trying to earn my salvation. He showed His love to me and gave me joy.”

Andrew LubbenClass of 2016

“...the impact that leadership, friendships, and many a life lesson that I experienced throughout my year has greatly shaped the woman I am today.”

Janelle RaddatzClass of 2011


And still counting.